Exam Lists

The latest drafts of my PhD qualifying exam lists have been added to the sidebar. They are very much works in progress, and will be updated as they change, particularly after my list meeting. Given the purpose for which they were written, they are at times rather jargony, but future posts and comments should help to clarify the difficult points.

Exam List 1: The Colonization of Space and Place in Pre-1700 Colonial Latin America
Exam List 2: Urban Allegory and Reference: the Literature of Paris and Buenos Aires in the 19th Century
Exam List 3: French and Latin American Avant-Garde Movements of the 1910’s and 20’s
Exam List 4: Formal Narrative Experimentation in Post-war French and Latin American Literature: The Politics of Literary Form
Exam List 5: Deconstruction vs. Hermeneutics
Exam List 6: Postmodern Theories of Community

Since the lists are not final, suggestions are always welcome. As they are already too long, however, I’m most looking to cut rather than add. If you’ve read anything on these lists and found it unreadable, worthless, or irrelevant to the list topic, don’t hesitate to comment.

~ by Matt on January 15, 2007.

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