Update: List Meeting

I had my list meeting today. Overall, I thought it went well – my committee is pleased with my lists, and we did more cutting then adding, though not by a substantial amount. I think I ended up with about 5-10 fewer texts, bringing the total around 170. List 6 will probably be revised further after the headnotes are further along, but otherwise there were no conceptual revisions. The list pages in the sidebar have been updated.

I’m a little overwhelmed at the moment by how many texts – and, in particular, how many difficult texts – I have to read in the next year, but I’m relieved to have at least settled on the lists and be able to start moving texts from the unread shelf to the read shelf.

~ by Matt on February 8, 2007.

2 Responses to “Update: List Meeting”

  1. My friend Fuson has developed a funny strategy for keeping sane under a heavy reading load. Check it out: http://fuwang.livejournal.com/34506.html. On an unrelated note, I love the look of your blog. Very academic yet stylish.

  2. Thanks, Urse. I think I met Fuson once when I visited you at school. I see he’s doing a PhD in English. I’ll definitely check this out.

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