Exam List 6: Postmodern Theories of Community

(Headnotes forthcoming)

Primary Texts:

Agamben, Giorgio. The Coming Community.

Bataille, Georges “Principes d’une méthode et d’une communauté” in L’expérience intérieure.

Bataille, George, et al. Encyclopaedia Acephalica: Comprising the Critical Dictionary & Related Texts.

Blanchot, Maurice. La Communauté inavouable.

Derrida, Jacques. De l’hospitalité; Adieu à Emmanuel Levinas; Politiques de l’amitié.

Esposito, Roberto. Communitas.

Habermas, Jurgen. The Structural Transformation of the Public Sphere.

Heidegger, Martin. Being and Time, Division I Parts IV-VI (“Being in the World as Being-With;” “Being-in;” “Care”); Discourse on Thinking Part II (“Conversation on a Country Path”)

Levinas, Emmanuel. Autrement qu’être.

Lingis, Alfonso. The Community of Those That Have Nothing In Common.

Nancy, Jean Luc. La communauté désœuvrée; Être singulier pluriel.

Vattimo, Gianni. The Transparent Society.

Secondary Texts

Bernasconi, Robert. “On deconstructing nostalgia for community within the West: the debate between Nancy and Blanchot,” Research in Phenomenology, 23 (1993): 3-21.

Hollier, Denis, ed. The College of Sociology, 1937-39.

Ingram, David. “The Retreat of the Political in the Modern Age: Jean Luc Nancy on Totalitarianism and Community.” Research in Phenomenology. 18 (1998): 93-124.

May, Todd. “The community’s absence in Lyotard, Nancy and Lacoue-Labarthe.” Philosophy Today (1993): 275-284.

Miami Theory Collective, ed. Community at Loose Ends.

Strysick, Michael, ed. The Politics of Community.

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